Kamiya: “Bayonetta 3 Development is Progressing Very Smoothly”

From this week’s issue (1623) of Weekly Famitsu; PlatinumGames founder Hideki Kamiya talks about a “super secret” (which may just be the partnership with Tencent), feels people are getting worried about Bayonetta 3, but says “development is progressing very smoothly”. Buy Weekly Famitsu here (use the code JPNINTENDO for 5% off all physical orders above $20). Thanks to BlackKite for the translation, which is listed in full below…

Hideki Kamiya: There is no mistake that 2020 will become a year of upheaval for Platinum, but it’s a super secret so I won’t say anything.

Recent Status: First of all regarding Bayonetta 3, there hasn’t been any new information at all ever since the first reveal so I feel like a lot of people are getting worried about it, but the inspection for new systems is going well, and the development is also progressing very smoothly, so please rest assured and wait for it. There are also many other interesting things I want to talk about, but it’s a super secret so I can’t say.

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