The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

1st reviewer: The sense of enormous scale from the fields, the numerous equipment items, and more things are grasping the essence of an open world game. But the fundamental parts like battles and solving puzzles also fill up the appeal point of the series, so this game is being done as a hybrid Zelda. The graphical representation has a very strong taste with the unique animation touch, so you’d end up getting absorbed into the characters and stories. If possible, you will want to enjoy it thoroughly on a big screen. 10

2nd reviewer: The fantasy world, depicted with a raspy touch, is very appealing. The fields are vast have differences in height, which fills up the joy of exploration and will even make you want to look into every corner. A lot of approaches are available from battling to moving. The high degree of freedom to accomplish the objectives with ways you have thought of is interesting, and you can strongly feel the sensation of adventuring on your own legs. You can enjoy using the Sheikah Slate features to solve puzzles, or applying them in battles and more. 10

3rd reviewer: While keeping the series’ uniqueness -such as the fun in solving puzzles- at the core, This has an excellent game design which has a new interpretation for The Legend of Zelda that fits the [current] era. There are multiple approaches to the correct . Even if you move as you like, it won’t end as a fruitless labor. I admire this game for being very thick and let me experience various kinds of surprises. I can rest assured and able to go on adventures as I like. The likeliness to Nintendo Switch and Wii U doesn’t really get conveyed in particular, but this masterpiece is fitting for the launch of a new hardware. 10

4th reviewer: While pushing through things that define the series’ title, starting from the story background and going through gimmicks by making use of special abilities and items in possession, both AI and presentation are done so well that “you can feel like enemies and animals are actually living here”. It doesn’t just approve heresy-style gameplays; it also has prepared modest events to correspond, so this world is filled with hands that gives you the sensation of having “your very own adventure”; there are nothing but surprises here!! 10

Total score: 40/40

Review originally appeared in Weekly Famitsu magazine, and is translated by BlackKite. This translation is © Copyright Japanese Nintendo. Please link to the Japanese Nintendo website ( at the top of the review if posting elsewhere.