Mario Kart Tour Marine Tour

Mario Kart Tour Adds Swimwear Rosalina & Mario

The Marine Tour has begun in Mario Kart Tour adding Rosalina (Swimwear) and Mario (Swimwear) as playable characters in the game.

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Baby Rosalina Tour Now Available!

The Baby Rosalina Tour has now begun in Mario Kart Tour adding Baby Rosalina (Detective). Available in the first pipe are Detective Baby Rosalina, Tea Coupe, and Plaid Ribbon. The featured tour gift is Baby Mario or Double-Decker and Soaring Jack for Gold Pass subscribers. This week’s ranked cup is the Baby Rosalina Cup. Baby Rosalina Tour trailer added below…

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Baby Rosalina Tour Coming to Mario Kart Tour

The Baby Rosalina Tour will be added to Mario Kart Tour next Wednesday (March 11, 2020 at 06:00 UTC) featuring newly added courses, challenges, and likely drivers. Edit: Alt. costume teased below with London the confirmed city.

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