Nippon Ichi Acquire SystemSoft Alpha

Nippon Ichi Software have announced that they have opened a new subsidiary label called SystemSoft Beta, which succeeds SystemSoft Alpha. SystemSoft Alpha are known for the WWII strategy game series, Daisenryaku, with one of the more recent entries, Daisenryaku Perfect 4.0 (pictured), releasing for Nintendo Switch last year.

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Void Terrarium Announced For Switch

Nippon Ichi Software’s mystery new title is the roguelike RPG Void Terrarium (stylised as void tRrLM();) and releasing on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 on 23 January 2020 priced at ¥6,980 + tax. The game is from the same team that developed Hotaru no Nikki (stylised as htoL#NiQ). Please note that the screenshot above is from Hotaru no Nikki. Thanks to Ryokutya.

Edit: artwork, screenshots, and box art added below…

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Nippon Ichi Open Teaser Site

Nippon Ichi Software have opened up a teaser website for a new title. The video on the website can be viewed for eight days (18-25 September) with a slight variation teased for each day. Expect a full reveal in Weekly Famitsu Issue No.1608 (out 26 September in Japan although leaks will likely appear from 24-25 September).

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