Dr. Mario World Booth Pictures

Pictures from the Dr. Mario World booth at Nintendo Live 2019 featuring Red, Blue, and Yellow Viruses, giant pills, and plenty of doctors! Images courtesy of the Dr. Mario World Twitter account.

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Dream Team Become World Champions!

The Dream Team (MkLeo, Nairo, and Mr.R) have won the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate World Challenge Cup by defeating the Japan Team (HIKARU, Abadango, Konbu, and Zackray) at Nintendo Live 2019. The finals included a special guest appearance by Masahiro Sakurai and the theme song “Lifelight” sung by Erina Koga.

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Luigi’s Mansion 3 Trial Event Sells Out in 10 Mins

The Luigi’s Mansion 3 experience ended distribution of numbered tickets for the second day at Nintendo Live 2019 in just 10 minutes. Yesterday’s event took 16 minutes (see this post for more details). The waiting time for the other three playable titles is about 210 minutes just 20 minutes into the event. Merchandise waiting times are about 100 minutes. More details added below…

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