Pokémon, Monster Hunter X, Baito and Ashley badges UPDATED 

This week’s update to Collectible Badge Center includes seven panels of Pokémon badges (including New Year’s Pokémon) and one panel each of Ashley and friends, Baito and Badge Center and Monster Hunter X badges. There’s two free goes (daily), new badges (daily) and a free theme (after spending ¥180). Check back shortly where I’ll update with pictures of each panel.

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Ashley, Monster Hunter, Yokai Watch, Game Boy, GameCube and Wii U badges UPDATED

This week’s update to Collectible Badge Center is the second week of Christmas badges with one panel of Christmas Ashley badges, one panel of Christmas Monster Hunter X, five panels of Yokai Watch series badges, three panels of pixelated Game Boy cart badges and one panel featuring GameCube and Controller, Wii U console, GamePad, Pro Controller and Fit Meter. As always there’s two free goes and check back shortly where I’ll add pictures of each panel below…

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