Kemco and Water Phoenix

Kemco Reveal Full TGS2020 Line-up

Kemco have revealed their full line-up for TGS2020 including a new adventure game collaboration with Water Phoenix, and much more.

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Mom Hid My Game! review 

Originally available on mobile, Mama ni Game Kakusareta! (better known as Mom Hid My Game!) for Switch is a direct port of the 3DS version which released almost a year ago. Mom Hid My Game! is an Escape game with the simple premise of finding your portable game console (which looks conspicuously like a Nintendo DS) without your Mom spotting you doing so!

Each of the game’s 50 levels includes just the one or two rooms to navigate with most rooms containing a puzzle that requires an object -or objects- to help you reclaim your portable game console. The two rules of Mom Hid My Game! are simple enough: don’t mess with snakes, and don’t steal wallets (avoiding Momma is of-course a prerequisite)! 

The game starts off sane enough but soon goes all wacky (an early level for instance requires prising a crocodile’s jaws open with a stick in order to reclaim your console!). It’s this wackiness, along with the blue aesthetic and fun soundtrack that helps Mom Hid My Game! stand out from the crowd. That it shares a similar ethos to WarioWare certainly helps too.

There are several negatives to consider: the game talks less than a couple of hours to complete and the Switch controls often feel clunky (I seem to remember the 3DS version controlling better). The positives do far outweigh such negatives however with the developers hap inc. knowing how to put a smile on players faces throughout the (admittedly short) playtime.


Overall, Mom Hid My Game! is a perfect introduction to the Escape genre that can be played by both gamers and non-gamers alike. It may be over all too quickly, but the fairly low price-point make this less of an issue (it is however free [with ads] on mobile) and more than a worthy purchase to fans of WarioWare, Escape games or just general quirkiness.

Please note English version of Mom Hid My Game! by KEMCO reviewed, the Japanese version (Mama ni Game Kakusareta!) by hap inc. only includes native language support.

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