Dr. King Boo

Dr. Mario World Adds Dr. King Boo

Nintendo and LINE have updated the Dr. Mario World game adding the Dr. King Boo character available only as a paid DLC pack.

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Dr. Mario World Adds King Boo

Versus Seasons is now live in Dr. Mario World, which adds two new Tiers and King Boo as the Assistant available in battle boxes with Tier 7 or higher. A new Virus Event is also now live, until 21 November, where eliminating viruses in Stage Mode will earn you in-game rewards! Full list of rewards added below…

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King Boo (Luigi’s Mansion) Is Here!

Part 2 of Mario Kart Tour‘s Halloween Tour is now live adding the pictured King Boo (Luigi’s Mansion) as the spotlight content to the second pipe. King Boo’s special skill is Bob-omb Cannon. Next up is the Ghost Ride kart and Rainy Balloons glider. The featured tour gift is Bowser with Peachette added for Gold Pass subscribers. The ranked cup is the Baby Luigi Cup.

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