Otomate New Title Party

Otomate “New Title” Party Line-up

All the new games and/or ports for Nintendo Switch from the Otomate “New Title” Party video presentation will be added to this post…

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13 New Switch Games Announced! 

13 new Nintendo Switch games were announced at this weekend’s Otomate Party 2018 event, with all titles set to be published by Idea Factory. All the new titles listed below along with the release window in brackets. Promo videos added below the bump (where applicable). Thanks to naruki for correcting a couple of the names!

  • Olympia Soiree (undecided)
  • CLOCK ZERO ~Shuuen no Ichibyou~ Devote (2019)
  • Gensou Kissa Enchanté (2019)
  • Yuki Iwai (Haraichi) Project (undecided)
  • Shiritsu Verbara Gakuen ~Versailles no Bara Re*imagination~ (2019)
  • Hakuoki Shinkai Tsukikage no Shou / Hakuoki Shinkai Ginsei no Shou (2019)
  • Birushana Senki ~Genpei Hika Musou~ (undecided)
  • LoverPretend (2019)
  • Yunohana SpRING! ~Mellow Times~ for Nintendo Switch (2019)
  • Moujuutsukai to Ouji-sama ~Flower & Snow~ for Nintendo Switch (2019)
  • Hanayaka Nari, Waga Ichizoku Modern Nostalgie for Nintendo Switch (2019)
  • Hanayaka Nari, Waga Ichizoku Gentou Nostalgie for Nintendo Switch (2019)

Otomate × Nintendo Switch Update  

The official website for the Otomate × Nintendo Switch collaboration is now open with an updated list of titles (below) and promo video for the series and for Cendrillon palikA (bottom). All 12 titles are scheduled to be published by Idea Factory beginning this September wth Hakuoki Shinkai: Fuukaden. Additional titles are also planned.

  • Hakuoki Shinkai: Fuukaden for Nintendo Switch
  • Code: Realize ~Saikou no Hanataba~ for Nintendo Switch
  • Nil Admirari no Tenbin: Irodori Nadeshiko
  • Cendrillon palikA
  • Shiritsu Berubara Gakuen 〜Versailles no Bara Re*imagination〜 
  • NORN9 LOFN for Nintendo Switch
  • AMNESIA for Nintendo Switch
  • Reine des Fleurs for Nintendo Switch
  • Birushanah Senki ~Genpei Den~
  • Sengoku Night Blood
  • LoverPretend 一 Produced by Ichijoo
  • Hakuoki New Work

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