Hulu Service Ends Early on Wii U

HJ Holdings have ended the Hulu service for Japanese Wii U consoles earlier than expected due to a playback issue that occurred on April 10 with service ending on April 30, ahead of the scheduled termination date of July 24. The company offered vouchers to subscribers who were affected by the service ending early. The app had previously been removed. The service was terminated in North America earlier in 2019 and on Nintendo 3DS in early 2017. Thanks to Cheesemeister.

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Hulu Being Removed From Wii U

HJ Holdings will be removing the Hulu app from the Japanese Wii U eShop in 2020 with the service no longer usable on or after 24 July. The service was terminated in North America earlier in 2019 and on Nintendo 3DS in early 2017. Thanks to Naruki and MIN248.

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HUGE news update with Hulu termination dates, Densha Unten Shirei 2, Pompompurin, Creeping Terror and much more!

Hulu for Nintendo 3DS will be permanently removed from the 3DS eShop on 11 January with the service being terminated on 14 February.

Densha Unten Shirei! Tokyo Bay-Hen was announced for Nintendo 3DS on 11 January as a sequel to the train simulation game for ¥800. Check out the official website here.

Shin Minna no Nurie Pompompurin was also announced for 11 January for 500. The delay was due to bugs found in the series engine. Check out the series overview website here.

● The horror game Creeping Terror will release on the 3DS eShop on 18 January with no confirmed price. Screenshot and trailer here.

Poochy and Yoshi’s Woolly World is now available to pre-load on the 3DS eShop. It releases on 19 January priced at ¥5,076 and requiring 7,769 blocks.

Culdcept Revolt Start Dash Ver. (essentially a demo of Culdcept Revolt with unlimited plays) is now available on the eShop. Players (of the full game) can log-on to receive 15,000 GP daily from 1 January – 4 February.

● An Armed Blue Gunvolt 2: Sou demo with 20 plays is also available plus an update and DLC to the main game. There’s also special wallpaper here and a DLC trailer here.

Tom Create will be holding a New Year Sale 2017 on the 3DS eShop from 4 – 18 January. I’ll update the Sales page in a day or two with all the games/prices!

● The 3DS Theme Shop added two Pokémon, a Kunio-kun, a Dragon Ball Super, a Gurumin 3D, an Osomatsu-san and a Nanamaru Sanbatsu theme. See the theme post here.

My Nintendo added two new discounts (for Super Mario Maker on Wii U and Dr. Mario: Miracle Cure on 3DS). Go here for the details.

Miitomo added the third “A winter wonderland! Sparkling Snowscape” Miitomo Drop stage with Snowman Head and Costume and Snowflake Print Dress and Shoes.

Mani Yugi TOKOYO is just ¥864,000 (£6,000) away from receiving a Nintendo Switch version. Go here to donate.

Denpa Ningen no RPG FREE! will begin its New Year’s Event from 1 January with special stages and items in the shop. Players will also receive free Jewels. Teaser image here.

● The second Dragon Quest X Slime Race will take place from 5 – 16 January. Teaser image here.

Yokai Watch 3 Ver.2.1 is now available for all 3 versions fixing bugs and giving a free 5 star coin. Version 3 was also announced (although no date) with a special Enma Yokai for each version.

Monster Hunter XX will feature a collaboration with manga artist Hiro Mashima revealed in the 01/18 issue of Weekly Shōnen Magazine. Teaser image here.

Nippon Ichi Software President Sohei Niikawa revealed that the company “also have Nintendo Switch project(s), so please look forward to that.”

● And Arc System Works Director Kyuta Yamada said “I want to make a game that can be introduced in a Nintendo Direct. I will do my best.”

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