Nintendo Switch News Round-up

The latest Nintendo Switch news round-up post includes TOKOYO: The Tower of Perpetuity, Mon Amour, Mighty Goose, and much more.

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Monday News Update With Ghostpia And Second Adult Game Both Announced For Switch!

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● Chosuido announced the visual novel ghostpia for Nintendo Switch. What sets the game apart from similar titles is its unique graphic style. Watch the trailer here.

● Dorasu announced a second game in the adult communication Shin · Den Ai (Electric Love) series which we think will feature either Moe Yamauchi or Ma Sakura. See pictures of both here.

● Square-Enix opened up the official website for Dragon Quest Builders 2: Hakaishin Shidoo to Karappo no Shima at

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp saw several items of clothing available for crafting including funny glasses, paperboy cap, school hat and more. Check out the full list including artwork here.

Pokémon GO will see the Legendary Pokémon Latias And Latios appear in Raid Battles from now until 05 June. Full details posted here.

● Level-5 announced that the western version of Yo-kai Watch Wibble Wobble will be shutting down on 31 May. The Japanese Yokai Watch PuniPuni will continue however.

● The Japanese domestic videogame market was up 121.8% in FY2017 largely due to Nintendo Switch. Software saw a nominal increase. Check out the top 10 selling titles for the year here.

● COMG! rankings for the week saw Hoshi no Kirby: Star Allies behind both Far Cry 5 and Super Robot Taisen X with 62 pts.

● The official Splatoon Twitter account @SplatoonJP now has over one million followers. Check out the celebratory artwork here.

● Bandai Candy announced the Splatoon 2 Buki Collection 3 will release in July 2018 and include the N-ZAP85 and N-ZAP89. Pictures added here.

● Watch another promo video for Dragon Quest X Online here.

● And a TV and Web commercial for Gal Metal! here and here.

● Thanks to naruki again for some of the Japanese news!

Ghostpia Announced For Nintendo Switch 

Chosuido have announced the stylistic visual novel adventure ghostpia for Nintendo Switch with the game more ‘powered up’ than the iOS version and room6 as the publishers. More information when we have it. Many thanks again to naruki! Switch announcement trailer added below (and ignore the 1 April date on the video – this is not an April Fool!)…

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