Dragalia Digest Incoming!

Nintendo / Cygames have announced a Dragalia Digest for 25 December at 12:00 JST (24 December at 19:00 PT) where Notte will share info on new events in Dragalia Lost, ways you’ll be able to enjoy playing the game this New Year’s, content coming in version 1.15.1, and more!

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First Anniversary Dragalia Digest

A new Dragalia Digest celebrating Dragalia Lost‘s first anniversary will be available around 26 September at 12:00 JST (25 September at 20:00 PT). This Dragalia Digest will show off the update content for Version 1.12.0, which will release the same day, and explain what will be happening for the game’s first anniversary. The broadcast will last approximately 15 minutes. Video added below…

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Fire Emblem Heroes × Dragalia Lost

Nintendo/Cygames have updated Dragalia Lost to Version 1.6.0 requiring 3.5 GB on iOS (plus a 23.16 MB in-app update). You will now be able to equip a second wyrmprint, the game has also added co-op room conditions, you can trade for insufficient materials on the spot, change the game speed at the click of a button, added a damage source display, new Void enemies in Void Battles, a new dragon in Advance Dragon Trials, plus much more.

A Dragalia Digest presentation hosted by Notte was also released with a Six Month Anniversary Bonus, a Twitter promotion, and other Six Month Anniversary Promotions. A second Gala Dragalia arrives on 27 March with Ranzal (Gala Version), a Dream Summon Special also for 27 March, plus a Fire Emblem: Lost Heroes event coming soon which will feature Fire Emblem Heroes characters. Japanese and English Digest videos added below…

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