Splatoon 2

1st reviewer: This has high originality and appealing characters, world settings, and TPS [gameplay] but the versus battles are not violent; multiplayer is made easy for a broad range of players to join, and the good points in the prequel are carried over as-is. On top of that there are also detailed improvements and evolutions, and this is done as an even more well-balanced game. Although I get an impression that this is more like a Deluxe version rather than a sequel, I become addicted to versus [mode] as usual while forgetting about time, and the new co-op mode Salmon Run is also fun! 9

2nd reviewer: Being able to contribute to the team victory even by just spraying ink is a structure that’s easy to grasp by even beginners, and the addictiveness where you want to play it again, again and again still doesn’t change; the fun factor is stable. Although I don’t see notable changes from the prequel, the additions of new weapons, stages, modes and more also give parts that make it feel fresh. The co-op mode Salmon Run is short for each game; it can be played with a good tempo, and it’s also a nice thing that it can be used as a change of pace after getting tired with versus. 9

3rd reviewer: The high addictiveness that makes you want to continue once again regardless of whether you win or lose. Even beginners can taste the sensation of being able to contribute to victory just by spraying [ink], and the more you do battles the more you feel glad with your improvement. The online versus stages are updated every two hours, so you can play without getting bored which is good. Hero Mode also acts as a tutorial, but the structure and lots of jokes give it enough consistency. The co-op mode Salmon Run have strong salmons which give a good nervousness. 9

4th reviewer: While being a legitimate evolution that doesn’t betray expectations of the prequel’s fans, it’s also being made to be friendly to beginners who just start playing from this game. It has not only versus as it also adds the co-op mode Salmon Run, so the feel of a party game is heightened even more. As some modes support local connection multiplayer, there’s also an impression of elevated gameplay breadth and quality. The graphical designs, which are aware of the street culture, has also been powered up, so visually it also looks even more fun. 10

Total score: 37/40

Review originally appeared in Weekly Famitsu magazine, and is translated by BlackKite. This translation is © Copyright Japanese Nintendo. Please link to the Japanese Nintendo website (https://japanesenintendo.com/) at the top of the review if posting elsewhere.