SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays

1st reviewer: With the addition of “Raid Group” that can act as a team without a warship and a system where you can get abilities from defeated enemies, the response of the battle itself and the fun factor of creating your own squadron go up drastically. I’m also glad about the system where you can dispatch a group from your forces’ surplus strength into other missions. The battles where you proceed while re-experiencing the original works have a high rate in reproducing the battlefield situations. Even people who haven’t watched them yet may be able to taste the appeal of the original works’ stories, although it might feel a bit rushed. 8

2nd reviewer: The drastic composition of not including Universal Century Gundam titles is fresh. Being able to properly re-experience stories from the rather newer titles is delightful for fans. You’re now able to obtain abilities from defeated enemies, increasing the fun in raising characters. Other than that, the “Raid Group” composition that does not include a warship is easy to use, so each of the new features leaves a good impression. The detailed parts have also become easier to play, such as the “Get Gauge” – that can be filled through multiple stages – among others. 8

3rd reviewer: There’s a novelty for it to be composed with only non-Universal Century titles. There are also episodes followed by OVAs and comics that I just learned about. The story digests that get straight to the point and the reproduction of famous scenes provides various kinds of discoveries. The systems that have been polished throughout the series are easy to play, and the guidance is just as expected, as I didn’t get confused by the many commands. The inclusion of new features is also ambitious, but it’s about time I want to see a huge evolution, including the way they show things. 8

4th reviewer: Although I was overwhelmed by the sheer number of appearing characters, titles, and maps, when I actually began playing it, I actually felt the beginner-friendly UI that lets me easily execute even combination commands as well.It’s not only the team composition and selection of characters to enhance but also being able to play prepared music data as BGMs; being able to pursue your fixations in the playing environment is a good thing. The story scene flow for each title is standardised, and the presentation is also plain; maybe it can’t be helped? 7

Total score: 31/40

Review originally appeared in Weekly Famitsu magazine, and is translated by BlackKite.