Pokémon Sword / Shield

1st reviewer: Explorations, battles, and contacting Pokémon; all of them have been legitimately evolved. The Pokémon’s appeals themselves have also increased which is great, from becoming cooler in Dynamax to becoming cuter in Pokémon Camp. Popular features like Raid Battles and Open World are being included in Pokémon’s world, setting out a unique appeal which also leaves a good impression. There are also small “fun factors” spread all around the adventure – from riding a bicycle to changing attire – which is also good. 10

2nd reviewer: The structure of “Wild Area”, where Pokémon of various species and levels appear in a vast field, is revolutionary. It has become possible to swap Pokémon from boxes without having to return to towns, and in the Pokémon Center you can also re-learn moves, which gives more freedom to the composition, making it even more fun. Although the story leaves a rather light impression, gym battles become hype as they are elaborated presentation-wise, such as the Pokémon becoming giants among other. 9

3rd reviewer: The aspect here is that the timeless Pokémon has been inherited by children of the current era. The presentations that reminds me of sports and the champion’s character design among others are like seasonings that grade schoolers might find them interesting, leaving a good impression. I feel like the follow-ups to the Pokémon you didn’t choose at the beginning are being summarized with the game’s tone. Lots of the features are being reset which refreshed me, but it’s a bit unfortunate that the structure of obtaining a Pokémon after battles has been abandoned. 10

4th reviewer: The modeling designs of appearing Pokémon and characters are neat and catchy. The straight-line scenario brings a starting point to the story of growth, and the elaborate field compositions are also good. The battles where type compatibilities come out in reality and the abundance of healing opportunities in the middle of roads are just like the past series titles. With the network connection you can do versus or raid battles with unknown people; although they require an appetite for victory and countermeasures, it’s also enriched with methods where you just slightly connect such as trading. 9

Total score: 38/40

Review originally appeared in Weekly Famitsu magazine, and is translated by BlackKite. This translation is © Copyright Japanese Nintendo. Please link to the Japanese Nintendo website (https://japanesenintendo.com/) at the top of the review if posting elsewhere.