The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening

1st reviewer: The diorama-styled graphics and the comical movements match well with the world setting unique to this game, which also has appearances of many guests from other titles. There are few explanations and hints; if you have grown familiar with very polite games(*) of recent times, some of the puzzles may be difficult to understand. However, the “fun of getting through things” such as defeating strong enemies or using items in your possession to solve puzzles is that of a Zelda game after all. In the “Panel Dungeon” you can not only pick up on themes but also freely create your own, which is good. 9

2nd reviewer: While remaking the original work politely, they are also matching with the current era as it becomes easier to play and leaves a good impression. The cute graphics, that feel like figures, are also nice. The characteristics not in other Zelda series, such as the story that has a unique taste and the appearances of characters from Nintendo’s other titles, are appeals that do not fade even now. The new feature “Panel Dungeon” gives rewards when you clear them, and creating dungeons in accordance with the themes is also fun. 9

3rd reviewer: I’m happy that I get blessed with a chance to watch the dream again(**). Playing it while already knowing the conclusion enveloped me with a mysterious sensation as the way I see the world changes from the beginning. While setting expectations of a spinoff, the moderately challenging puzzle-solving action from eagle-eye view made me say “This is The Zelda game!” The music is also very charming. As it is being remade again, I feel like I wanted to see it evolved a bit more, but I also think the seasoning is just right. 9

4th reviewer: My playthrough never gets stuck even at places where I might get stuck; with the timing of the exquisite new story developments happening, I completely lost the point where I can suspend. Indeed, just like past action games, as long as you’re not concerned with the sensation of controlling Link and the enemy movements that feel like moving in grids, you should be able to enjoy even normal battles with the gist of a puzzle. There are also highlights to see all over the place, for example: the expressions becoming richer, but on the contrary the screen effects add a more blurred taste. 8

Total score: 35/40

*TN: beginner-friendly

**TN: It’s a play on Link’s Awakening Japanese subtitle: Dream-Watching Island

Review originally appeared in Weekly Famitsu magazine, and is translated by BlackKite. This translation is © Copyright Japanese Nintendo. Please link to the Japanese Nintendo website ( at the top of the review if posting elsewhere.