Fire Emblem: Three Houses

1st reviewer: The livelihood in the Officer Academy is much more fun than I thought. When I hold my teacher cane, I gradually grew affections to even students whom I hated before; what a mystery. As you can also teach very freely, you’re guaranteed to get addicted into raising yourself and your students. [This game] is kind with a lot of convenient features such as the Divine Pulse which lets you rewind time, auto-movements and more. Thanks to the Gambits and Combat Arts, the strategy breadth has also broadened. There are also some hype moments in the story development. 9

2nd reviewer: Due to the two-part [story] composition, raising characters have a higher degree of freedom when compared to past series title, and the story is also depicted dramatically which is well done. Although interacting with and raising characters in the Officer Academy era is rather tedious, it’s fun to think how one should grow up, and furthermore you’ll also grow affection towards the characters due to that. The structure where the scenario splits based on the chosen house also heightens the desire to do another playthrough quickly. 9

3rd reviewer: As you raise the students’ abilities through lessons and deepen interactions through events and more, before you know it they have become irreplaceable. I’m glad that the Support Conversations between students are plentiful and also fully voiced. As the school life is lively, I’m surprised at the second part’s serious story development, but I get hyped when I can see the students’ growth. Battles are comfortable while having a sense of presence. There is also a liveliness of variations on things like using the new Battalion feature against gigantic beasts. 10

4th reviewer: The prominent thing here is the broad range where beginners can enjoy like a beginner would, and experts can enjoy like an expert would. To be honest, although there is a lot of information that must be memorised, I didn’t really find it to be complicated; it has an appeal where I can smoothly get into the game even when it is my first time playing this genre. The story progression, interweaved by characters with a plenty of personalities, feels pleasant as if you’re watching a good-quality drama. With the Officer Academy life as the axis, the way it’s created – where you can taste even more fun in interacting with and sensing the growth of characters – is excellent and great. 9

Total score: 37/40

Review originally appeared in Weekly Famitsu magazine, and is translated by BlackKite. This translation is © Copyright Japanese Nintendo. Please link to the Japanese Nintendo website ( at the top of the review if posting elsewhere.