Dragon Quest Builders 2

1st reviewer: A proper evolution. Just like the prequel, thanks to the kind and easy-to-understand introduction, you can learn the fun of creating things in steps, which is good. Starting from blocks which if lined up will automatically connect and change shapes, I can create a variety of things with more freedom, which I am glad of. With the existences of builder tools like hammer, glove, and drying pot, the convenience part gets better. Being able to create things together in multiplayer is also a nice point. 9

2nd reviewer: At the beginning there are only few things that you can do, but the guidance is very easy to understand, so you can enjoy each feature while memorizing them, which is good. The story also firmly pulls the gameplay. The people’s joy can be seen as “Builder Hearts”, and by collecting them you can develop your base and learn new recipes among others; this is a great system which also connects to the player’s joy. I become addicted to creating things and my feelings also become happy by playing this. 10

3rd reviewer: New tools and blocks appear among others, and there are now more things that you can do, but the guidance is kind and courteous, so the game progression is also smooth. The monsters that act as guides have personalities that can’t be hated so I ended up being in peace. I’m glad that the partner character will move based on my own intentions, not only in battles but also in collecting materials. Each island has different themes from farming to mining, which tickles my adventuring mind. I also have a good dilemma between wanting to progress through the story quickly and wanting to thoroughly create my base. 9

4th reviewer: With the appearances of new blocks, the variation of things that can be created becomes abundant. Furthermore with the addition of multiplayer and a complete selection of movement methods in land, sea, and air, this creation has ascended to let you enjoy the sandbox even more. Just like in the prequel, the user guidance is courteous, so you can progress through the game without getting lost or stress, which is excellent. There is no ‘sense of getting digged out’ unlike other sandbox-type games, and there is a sense of stability with clear objectives. The high degree of freedom, which lets you taste various kinds of gameplay, is also good. 9

Total score: 37/40

Review originally appeared in Weekly Famitsu magazine, and is translated by BlackKite. This translation is © Copyright Japanese Nintendo. Please link to the Japanese Nintendo website (https://japanesenintendo.com/) at the top of the review if posting elsewhere.