1st reviewer: Battles using arms that extend like springs are unique; they can’t be tasted in other versus fighting games. It can be played with a fresh sensation. The playstyle of wielding Joy-Cons in both hands, in particular, allows direct control which is good. There is an abundant variety of arms, so it’s interesting to fight while testing the newly obtained effects. Overall it’s well done, and the modes are all lined up, but I have an impression that its impact as a versus game is a bit mild. 8

2nd reviewer: Matches that use dashes, jumps, and attacks with left and right arms are rather busy, and strategizing offense and defense while thinking about the risks of whiffed attacks are hype. The “thumbs up holding” method of holding Joy-Cons on left and right hands have controls that are easy to understand like swinging or slanting your arms; it also raises your sensation like yourself is [actually] fighting. Having numerous versus rules with different dispositions is also nice. It could have been even better if there were a single-player mode that can be replayed thoroughly. 8

3rd reviewer: The controls are within the regions of Wii Sports’ boxing, but the long-ranged punches have a sensation unlike anything before. The “thumbs up holding” makes it easy to launch hooks, but on the other side, but it tends to cause mistakes in pressing R and ZR buttons. But it also supports other [controller] holding methods, so I’m glad that I can play with my preferred [style]. It’s also interesting that the controls feel drastically different depending on the arm type. You need to collect money in order to obtain arms, but it’s a good thing that there’s a “trial mode” where you can test out various things. 8

4th reviewer: At a quick glance it may have a very simple impression, but when I tried playing it, it had more hype on offense and defense tactics than I thought, and I felt a deep gameplay element. You can perform feints by changing trajectory of stretching punches, or aim to change the tide by repelling the opponent’s gloves; [the game] is created to also allow high-level strategy. Furthermore, the traits of each character and the stage compositions are also full of varieties, so I think this is a game that’s useful as a party game. 9

Total score: 33/40

Review originally appeared in Weekly Famitsu magazine, and is translated by BlackKite. This translation is © Copyright Japanese Nintendo. Please link to the Japanese Nintendo website ( at the top of the review if posting elsewhere.