The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

1st reviewer: Compared to ‘I’, the adventure colour has become stronger. While the previous one felt like splitting a bamboo(*), this one puts the most emphasis into the scenario and events. It gets a lot of influences from existing RPGs. But the story development is being polished up superbly, and I give four full circles to the graphics. Things related to the direction are especially great. This is very much a masterpiece. 9

2nd reviewer: Setting aside the good and the bad, in this world there are two kinds of games: Those that fits your skin and Those that don’t. Zelda is exactly the game that ends up fitting my skin very perfectly. I even actually think Zelda could have been my previous life. With that said, this time I’m raising both my hands and present a score of 10. 10

3rd reviewer: I’d say it’s simply well done. Both people who played the prequel much and people who are playing for the first time could get addicted to this in the same way. I feel they did a good job in taking detailed individual gestures for each character. The field music also made me cry. 10

4th reviewer: The prequel ‘The Legend of Zelda’ taught “the joy in solving” in games. 5 years have passed since then. This game reminds us of “the joy in solving” that we have already forgotten. Fans of the prequel will unmistakably recognize that games can be fun like this. People who are playing for the first time may find it a bit difficult though… 10

Total score: 39/40

*TN: a JP idiom for not having any bent/ill feelings in the temperament

Review originally appeared in Weekly Famitsu magazine, and is translated by BlackKite. This translation is © Copyright Japanese Nintendo. Please link to the Japanese Nintendo website ( at the top of the review if posting elsewhere.