Arcade Archives Green Beret

Arcade Archives Green Beret Dated

Hamster will be publishing the 1985 Konami run-and-gun game Green Beret on the Switch eShop this week priced at ¥838/$7.99.

Arcade Archives Green Beret

Green Beret (known in North America as Rush’n Attack) sees players control a U.S. special operations soldier who must infiltrate an enemy military base and save multiple POWs from being executed by the Russian firing squad in this cold war based run-and-gun game. Take out foes with a knife, or with weapons dropped from enemies. Jump and duck to avoid attacks and make it to the goal. The honour of the Green Berets depends on you! The game has been ported to Famicom, MSX, and multiple home computer systems, with the Arcade Archives release set for November 26th on Switch and PS4.

Arcade Archives

Green Beret marks the 124th game in the Arcade Archives series released on Nintendo Switch. Check out the full list of titles currently available, which includes 108 ACA NEOGEO games, over on our Switch page. The full list of upcoming Arcade Archives titles confirmed for release on Nintendo Switch can be found on page 2 of our Schedule page.