Tokei Jikake no Apocalypse Dated

Idea Factory have announced that Tokei Jikake no Apocalypse (Clockwork Apocalypse) will release for Nintendo Switch on April 22nd.

Tokei Jikake no Apocalypse (which translates to Clockwork Apocalypse) starts from the “Bad End”, with the female protagonist, Latchia Fielitz, living in an underground city. With a mysterious “box” in her possession, Latchia can travel back in time in search of happiness. However, her time in the past is limited. Will she find love before her time is up?

The first candidate is Unka Giesbert, a dashing silver-fox who’s passionate inside, but his cold exterior may be off putting for Latchia. Other prospective interests include the multi-talented pianist Liam Jebram, or the blonde Quat Hertling, who looks like a prince, but hates to lose. Who will you choose when Tokei Jikake no Apocalypse launches this April.

Developed by Otomate, Tokei Jikake no Apocalypse is set for release on Nintendo Switch in Japan on April 22nd, 2021, priced at ¥7,150 for either the standard physical or digital edition, or ¥9,350 for the limited edition which includes a bonus booklet and a Drama CD. Check out the official website here, Twitter account here, and the public movie below…

Nintendo Switch「Tokei Jikake no Apocalypse」 Otomate “New Title” Party Public Movie

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