Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Spirit Event

A “Sleeve-Free Zone” spirit event begins later this week in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate featuring spirits with sleeveless shirts!

Sleeve-Free Zone

Spirits with sleeveless shirts are flashing their biceps on the Spirit Board! Defeat them to earn extra gold! Roll up your sleeves, and check it out!


From November 20th, 2020, at 15:00 JST until November 23rd, 2020, at 15:00 JST

Periodically appearing spirits


(Appearing 03:00, 15:00 every day) 


(Appearing 06:00, 15:00 every day) 


(Appearing 09:00, 21:00 every day) 


(Appearing 00:00, 12:00 every day) 

Randomly appearing spirits

Pauline, Mythra, Akuma, Akira, Rex, Loki, Shanoa, Flora, Donkey Kong Jr., Great Fairy, Tetra, Hinoka, Roll, Deep Breathing, Cammy, Off the Hook, Octoling Girl & Octoling Boy, Esna, Shantae, Din, Reyn, Ouendan Cheerleaders, Elite Beat Divas, Risky Boots, Toad, Nayru, Teddy, Linde, Sothe, Arm & Leg Lift, Chun Li (Street Fighter Alpha), Juri, Octoling, Ashley Robbins, Heracles, Shop Assistant, Toadsworth, Alexandra Roivas, Wanda, Zipper T. Bunny, Jackknife, Lin, T. Hawk, and Dan.