35th Anniversary Auto-Mario

Super Mario Maker 2 Ninji Speedrun

A new Ninji Speedrun course has begun in Super Mario Maker 2 with “35th Anniversary Auto-Mario”. Full details posted below…

The 14th Ninji Speedrun course has arrived in Super Mario Maker 2 and which was made to celebrate the Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary. Keep in mind the first rule of Auto-Mario courses: don’t move! The 100 top players will receive a Super Mario 35th anniversary medal (pictured below) along with 200 other players whose names will be chosen via lottery.

Super Mario 35th anniversary medal

Receive enough stamps on your Stamp Card to earn an outfit for your Mii, with a Ninji Cap for one stamp, a Ninji Shirt for four stamps, some Ninji Slacks for seven stamps, and some Ninji Garb for 10 stamps. 35th Anniversary Auto-Mario runs until 11:00 JST on Wednesday, November 25th. The 15th Ninji Speedrun course is also set to begin on Wednesday, December 9th.