TROOOZE Announce 2 Switch Games

TROOOZE have announced the action-RPG Demong Hunter and the roguelike dungeon crawler Dungeon Limbus for Nintendo Switch release.

Demong Hunter

Demong Hunter

Demong Hunter sees players try to regain peace in the world by ridding it of the bug enemies known as ‘Demong’. Players choose from one of six classes, each with different special skills and a unique attack style, and fight through the game’s many stages, defeat the demong, and collect both gold and artefacts along the way! Developed by LinkTown (Dungeon Breaker Heroes, Dungeon iDoll, etc), Demong Hunter released on smartphones in 2014, and has seen two sequels on mobile to date, with the first game coming to Switch in 2020*.

Dungeon Limbus

Dungeon Limbus takes place in a mysterious world set somewhere between death and resurrection, where you and a team of adventurers go out in search of lost memories inside the game’s randomly generated dungeons. The game offers numerous quests to complete along with multiple endings to discover, where even if you die, you will come back to life again… you soon discover whether this is a blessing or a curse however! Check out promo videos for both titles below and look out for an updated Schedule page shortly with the release dates!

Demong Hunter Nintendo Switch Official PV
Dungeon Limbus Nintendo Switch Official PV

*Demong Hunter released on October 29th in the west. The Japanese release is expected shortly!