Nintendo Holding More Online Seminars

Nintendo Co., Ltd. are accepting applications for online seminars in “Design”, “Sound”, and “Production Planning” for 2022 graduates.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, all events will be held online. Details of how to apply and exact dates and times are to be added to this webpage. Prospective applicants are able to request multiple courses.

For “Design”, there will be online seminars in “Software production” in December 2020 and “Artwork production” in January 2021, with an online workshop in February 2021.

For “Sound”, there will be an online seminars in December 2020 with an online workshop in January-February 2021.

And for “Production Planning”, there will be online seminars in December 2020.

In addition, there will also be online job introductions for “Science and Engineering” between November and December for several positions including “Game development”, “System development”, “Network development”, and “Electronic design”.

Go to this page for a list of all the current career recruitment opportunities at Nintendo Co., Ltd.