CJ & Flick

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Adds CJ & Flick

C.J. and Flick are coming to Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp with special furniture items for both characters available as in-game rewards!

C.J. will make his debut during the Fishing Tourney: C.J.’s Fintastic Friends that starts today with rewards including a curved fish tank, a barreleye tank, and an umbrella octopus tank!

C.J.'s cooler

You can also get the C.J.’s cooler special furniture item as a Fishing Tourney reward! Place this in your campsite or cabin, and C.J. will come to hang out!

C.J.'s cooler

Flick has also arrived at the campsite! Complete his bug-catching goals to earn special in-game rewards like the butterfly-exhibit fountain.

If you complete all the goals, you may get the special furniture item Flick’s bug cage! If you place this special furniture in your campsite or cabin, Flick will stop by to visit!

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