Super Smash Bros. Ultimate All Mouth

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Tournament

The “All Mouth” tournament begins later this week in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate featuring fighters whose deadliest weapon is their mouth!

All Mouth

Inhaling stuff, spitting it out, or just chowing down… This tourney features fighters whose deadliest weapon might be their mouth! The stages will be chock-full of consumables, and the further you advance, the better the spirit you’ll win!


From November 13th, 2020, at 15:00 JST until November 16th, 2020, at 15:00 JST


Time Limit2:30
FS MeterOn

Available Fighters

Yoshi, Kirby, Bowser, Wario, King Dedede, Wii Fit Trainer, PAC-MAN, Ridley, and Piranha Plant.


Smash Ball, Food, Maxim Tomato, Super Mushroom, Poison Mushroom, Superspicy Curry, Banana Gun, and Banana Peel.