Production IT Systems Engineer Vacancy

Nintendo Co., Ltd. have posted a new position looking for a Production IT Systems Engineer based in Kyoto, Japan. More details added below…

Nintendo are looking for applicants who have working experience and ability in the likes of Apache, Nginx, Tomcat, Postfix, Dovecot, Samba, Java, Python, Oracle, MySQL, etc. It’s also desirable to have some knowledge of SSL, Zabbix, HSM, AWS, etc, and travel experience in Asia.

The role is based in Kyoto and will require the design, build, and operation management of a server system, the development of an inter-company network and infrastructure network connecting Nintendo and its overseas bases, and management of fault monitoring tools.

Interested persons can apply online by first agreeing to the “Nintendo Career Recruitment Application Terms” at this link and then completing the Application Form on the following page. Go to this page for a list of all the current career recruitment opportunities at Nintendo Co., Ltd.