Feh Channel 2020.11.4

Feh Channel Recap 2020.11.4

All the Fire Emblem Heroes news from the latest Feh Channel including new ninja Special Heroes and the new Pawns of Loki event.

Next summoning event Special Heroes: In the Moment features Zihark: Ninja Blademaster, Laevatein: Ninja of Múspell, Navarre: Scarlet Ninja, and Lyn: Ninja-Friend Duo with Hana: Focused Ninja, in Tempest Trials+: Ninja Novices (dedicated post here). Update information, with the update scheduled for November 6th (5th PDT). New data option will be available in addition to High Quality and Lite Data, with Recommended (the size is somewhere between the two). There will also be an increase in the number of teams and skill sets and a refresh of Learn with Sharena.

New event coming called Pawns of Loki, where the team with the highest total HP in their surviving Forma wins. Three of the same Forma on the battlefield will merge and level-up. Build up Chain Together Combos in battle. Rewards are based on cumulative points and on high score. Score Bonuses are for Range = 1 unit in Round 1, 2 units in Round 2, and unrestricted in Round 3. Event begins November 12th (11th PDT). Celebratory Event for new event inc. Log-In Bonus, Daily Skill Focus Summoning Events, Quests, Reward Maps, and Quintuple EXP & SP.

Fire Emblem Heroes – Feh Channel (Nov. 4, 2020)