Arcade Archives Pettan Pyuu

Arcade Archives Pettan Pyuu Dated

Hamster will be publishing the 1984 Sunsoft maze game Pettan Pyuu on the Switch eShop this week (November 5th) priced at ¥838/$7.99.

Arcade Archives Pettan Pyuu

Sunsoft’s 1984 arcade action maze game, Pettan Pyuu (also known as Banbam) sees players control a cute character called Pettan who must flip over titles in order to wipe out bugs and solve the inter-dimensional maze. You will need to master four different types of plates, all with their own characteristics. Pettan Pyuu is considered a lost-classic by Hamster’s Satoshi Hamada.

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Pettan Pyuu marks the 121st game in the Arcade Archives series released on Nintendo Switch. Check out the full list of titles currently available, which includes 108 ACA NEOGEO games, over on our Switch page. The full list of upcoming Arcade Archives titles confirmed for release on Nintendo Switch can be found on page 2 of our Schedule page.