Dragon Quest Announcements Next Year

Dragon Quest series creator Yuji Horii said this past weekend that there will be various Dragon Quest announcements next year.

At this past weekend’s Dragon Quest X Aki Matsuri 2020 event, series creator Yuji Horii said that “next year will actually be the 35th anniversary” since the first Dragon Quest game launched on the Family Computer May 1986, and that “I think we can make various announcements around then.” The full event video is added below, with Horii speaking around the 9:25:15 mark.

Dragon Quest XII was officially revealed in early June last year, with Horii revealing that development also began at some point in 2019. An all-new action-RPG Dragon Quest: Dai no Daibouken Infinity Strash is also coming to home consoles in 2021, with a new Dragon Quest Monsters console game announced back in 2018. No platforms were revealed for any of the three new titles.

Dragon Quest X Aki Matsuri 2020

Story via the Game’s Talk website.