Nintendo eShop Update Week 44

This week’s line-up of Nintendo eShop software coming to Japan including Pikmin 3 Deluxe, Shin Megami Tensei III, Kamen Rider, and more.

Select highlights

Pikmin 3 Deluxe

Nintendo / ¥6,578

This deluxe version of Pikmin 3 includes new side-story missions featuring Olimar and Louie, the ability to play Story mode with a friend, all DLC stages from the original release, head-to-head Bingo Battles, and online leaderboards for Mission mode. A demo is also available!

Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne HD Remaster

Atlus / ¥6,578

It’s been 17 years since the original release of Shin Megami Tensei III, now, the apocalyptic legend returns in a full high-definition remake of the classic game with paid DLC including Dante from the Devil May Cry series playable in the game, replacing Raido Kuzunoha.

KAMEN RIDER memory of heroez

Bandai Namco Entertainment / ¥8,360

The second Kamen Rider title to release on Nintendo Switch is the “hero chain action” game Memory of Heroez, which includes characters from Kamen Rider W, Kamen Rider OOO, and Kamen Rider Zero-One, and features an original story along with action-based gameplay.

Part Time UFO

Nintendo / ¥980

HAL Laboratory’s very first smartphone release is finally available on Switch. Part Time UFO sees players control an adorable little UFO character who has crashed to earth and is now part-time employment helping his new human friends in this excellent little game.

No More Heroes

Marvelous / ¥2,178

The first game starring the iconic Travis Touchdown is now on Switch. Originally releasing on Wii in 2007, No More Heroes sees you play as Travis where you face off against the world’s top 10 assassins in deadly battle with a unique arsenal including pro-wrestling moves.

No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle

Marvelous / ¥2,178

The second No More Heroes game is also available on Nintendo Switch with 8-bit mini-games and more! Set three years after the original, Desperate Struggle sees a new enemy for Travis in Skelter Helter, the brother of the slain lead character from the first title in the series.

Control Ultimate Edition – Cloud Version

505 Game / ¥0

Winner of a whole host of awards, the third-person action-adventure game Control has made its way onto Nintendo Switch in cloud form. Featuring the Ultimate Edition of the game which contains all the available bonus content (The Foundation and AWE).


Pocket / ¥6,050

After the phenomenal success of Ring Fit Adventure and Fitness Boxing, Pocket want a slice of the action with FiNC HOME FiT, a new rhythm based fitness game based on various martial arts techniques and movements, including those for Boxing, Karate, Muay Thai, and Kung Fu.


Nippon Ichi Software / ¥7,678

Mad Rat Dead gets a second chance at life and he has been granted the opportunity to redo his last day on Earth. Jump, dash, and smash to the rhythm in this music-based action platform game from Nippon Ichi Software. You can also try before you buy with the demo available now!

Shantae and the Seven Sirens

Oizumi Amuzio / ¥5,480

Shantae is back in an all-new tropical adventure where she gains new Fusion Magic abilities to explore a vast sunken city, makes new Half-Genie friends, and battles the Seven Sirens in her biggest, most thrilling quest yet, and the fifth game in the popular Shantae action platform series!

Taisho×Alice HEADS & TAILS

Prototype / ¥5,000

Heads & Tails is a fan disc of the original Taisho×Alice visual novel game adding two new stories not found in the game’s original release, the added content from the bonus drama CD of a previous port, an after-story, the “Gakuen Alice” story, plus much more bonus content.

Also releasing this week

Aikano~Yukizora no Triangle~Entergram¥3,080
Arcade Archives 64th StreetHamster¥823
Asonde Poker ga Tsuyokunaru!Texas Hold ‘emSilverStar Japan¥2,200
Bokura no Houkago AsobiSAT-BOX¥1,650
CartoHumble Games¥2,050
Clash ForceRatalaika Games¥500
Crazy Zen Mini GolfOnteca¥1,366
Crimzon Clover – World EXplosionDegica¥1,980
G-MODE Archives 22 Glory of Heracles 3G-mode¥500
KAMEN RIDER memory of heroez Premium Sound EditionBandai Namco Entertainment ¥12,980
Metaverse KeeperCIRCLE Ent.¥1,500
Monster Jam Steel TitansTHQ Nordic Japan¥4,860
Tonari ni Kanojo no Iru Shiawase~Curious Queen~Entergram¥2,750
Toshokan Ⅱ SW·Meisaku 100-sen+αDorasu¥800
Youtubers Life OMGRaiser Games¥3,500
Yuppie Psycho: Executive EditionAnother Indie Studio¥1,790
Also releasing at retail this week is the packaged version of The Survivalists from Game Source Entertainment (the digital version has already released).

Coming soon

Ouchi de Rilakkuma

Select titles newly added to the coming soon section of the Japanese Switch eShop include the pictured Ouchi de Rilakkuma: Rilakkuma ga Ouchi ni Yattekita which is priced at ¥6,380 and releases on November 5th. Also releasing on Guy Fawkes Night is Kangokutou Mary Skelter Finale which is priced at ¥8,030 and Shadowverse Champions Battle which is ¥6,578. Unfortunately none of the three titles have English language support. All upcoming Japanese Switch releases are listed here.

Playable demos

Kirby Fighters 2

Playable demos which released last week included the pictured Kirby Fighters 2 from Nintendo, Vitamin Collection from WayForward, and WHAT THE GOLF? from (Triband Productions. This week’s demos are Bokura no Houkago Asobi from SAT-BOX and Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity from Koei Tecmo Games.

Downloadable content

Ninjala Story Pack: Chapter Two

The sole highlight of new DLC this week is for Ninjala with the “Ninjala Story Pack: Chapter Two” with another top-secret ninja mission in the game’s single-player Story Mode. The final stage features a thrilling battle against a giant robot that will test your ninja skills to the max! The pack can be yours for ¥1,100, with the first pack currently 90& off (¥110).

Sales highlights


This week’s sale highlights include the excellent JRPG OCTOPATH TRAVELER at half-price (¥3,740) making it the best time to buy. The Japanese release also includes English support. Also at half-price (¥3,839) and having English support is Diablo III Eternal Collection. Finally, A Magical High School Girl is a steal at 90% off (¥150) which is reflected in the current rankings below. Visit this page for a full list of every game on sale.

Download ranking

Pikmin 3 Deluxe
  1. Pikmin 3 Deluxe (Nintendo)
  2. A Magical High School Girl (Sekai Games)
  3. Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Nintendo)
  4. Human: Fall Flat (Teyon Japan)
  5. Super Mario 3D All-Stars (Nintendo)
  6. OCTOPATH TRAVELER (Square-Enix)
  7. Return of the Obra Dinn (3909)
  8. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (Nintendo)
  9. Minecraft (Mojang/Microsoft Japan)
  10. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Nintendo)

Notes: All prices listed are inclusive of tax and do not include discounts unless otherwise stated. Purchase your Nintendo eShop cards from here and find out how to play Japanese Switch games here.