ANONYMOUS;CODE Moved to 2021

MAGES. have announced that the science visual novel ANONYMOUS;CODE will release for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 in Fall 2021.

ANONYMOUS;CODE stars hacker, Pollon Takaoka, who is able to save and load moments. The game is set in 2037, a year after the “2036 Problem” occurred where many cities around the planet are destroyed due to a computer incident. The same problem is expected to take place in 2038, thus a super-computer is built to create an alternate Earth.

It doesn’t take long for the inhabitants on this alternate Earth use an Earth Simulator similar to the one used to create their planet. It’s this creation which leads to questions regarding the very existence of the original planet Earth. ANONYMOUS;CODE is now scheduled to release for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 in Fall 2021.

It also looks like the game will now no longer release on PlayStation Vita as previously announced. Check out the first three teaser promo videos below with a fourth to be added shortly. The official website is at, with MAGES. promising more information in the coming weeks. Edit: the fourth teaser video is now added!

『ANONYMOUS;CODE』Kagaku ADV Live S;G 1010th ANNIVERSARY Special News Movie
『ANONYMOUS;CODE』Teaser Movie 2 Character Edition
Game『ANONYMOUS;CODE』Teaser Movie

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