Memories Off Historia Announced

MAGES. have announced they will be releasing Memories Off Historia for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 next March in Japan.

Memories Off Historia contains the first seven Memories Off games in full HD being ported to Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 across two volumes, with both scheduled for release in Japan on March 25th, 2021. A new Memories Off game is also in development, although specifics such as name, platform, and scenario are currently unknown.

The first Memories Off game released on PlayStation back in 1999 centering around the protagonist Tomoya Mikami. The game was later ported to PC, Dreamcast, PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable, adding in the “Pure” story content found in the Neo Geo Pocket Color release from 2000. Separate manga and anime also subsequently released.

Both volumes will each be available for ¥6,380 for physical (box art here) or ¥5,500 for digital, with the first containing the 1st~4th titles and the second containing the 5th~7th. A limited edition will also be available priced at ¥26,180, containing both volumes, a Shirakawa Hotaru figure (sample image here), and an extra scenario for Memories Off -Innocent Fille-.

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