PICK ME UP! Rescue Rangers Announced

R-Force Entertainment have announced the action-puzzle game PICK ME UP! – Rescue Rangers – for release on Nintendo Switch and Steam.

After co-developing mainly smartphone titles in recent years including the likes of Schoolgirl Strikers: Twinkle Melodies, Boyfriend Kirameki Note, and Hello Kitty Coin, Shibuya’s R-Force Entertainment are set to self-publish their very first home title with the action puzzle game PICK ME UP! – Rescue Rangers – which is set for release on November 5th.

PICK ME UP! – Rescue Rangers – sees you play as a member of the rescue team across 25 stages where you drive a rescue car and help people in need on the map due to the planet being under attack from the alien invaders known as “Disalien”. The game supports both Japanese and English texts, and is scheduled for a worldwide launch priced at ¥1,200.

PICK ME UP! – Rescue Rangers – promo video

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