Baroque Coming to Switch Next Month

Sting have announced that the 1998 Sega Saturn role-playing game Baroque will be coming to the Japanese Switch eShop next month.


Originally releasing on Sega Saturn, Baroque was later ported to PlayStation, PlayStation 2, Wii, and recently mobile. Now called simply Baroque -ORIGINAL VERSION-, it will be available on the Japanese Switch eShop from November 12th, priced at ¥2,400 (¥2,032 if purchased before launch). Unfortunately only Japanese is supported, although the game has previously been localised.


Baroque -ORIGINAL VERSION- includes a straight port of the Saturn RPG, and also adds the previously not-for-sale BAROQUE-REPORT- CD data file containing assets from the game, two opening movies including for the Wii release, a screen setting function where you can change the screen size, select wallpaper, add scan lines, etc, and a manual save function where you can save the game at any time.

【Nintendo Switch】Baroque -ORIGINAL VERSION- Short promotion

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