Flyhigh Express

Flyhigh Express Announced

All the announcements from Flyhigh Works’ latest Flyhigh Express broadcast from October 21st including Picontier news, and more!


Skipmore’s slow-paced life-sim RPG Picontier will receive early access on Steam later in 2020 with Japanese, English, and Simplified Chinese language support. The Steam page will be open shortly. Console versions are expected at a later date. VOEZ Ver. 1.10 releases later today. DEEMO Ver. 1.7 releases November 2nd. Both add new songs.

Akita Oga Mystery Annai: Kogoeru Ginreika

Cape Cosmic’s 2D action adventure game Phoenotopia was announced for November release on Nintendo Switch. Crazy Monkey Studios’ hide-and-seek game Hidden Through Time is coming on November 12th. Happy Meal’s Famicom-style adventure game sequel Akita Oga Mystery Annai: Kogoeru Ginreika is coming December 24th.

Alwa's Legacy

Rebuild Games’ casual arcade action game Super MetBoy! is coming to the Japanese Switch eShop in January 2021. Elden Pixels’ metroidvania Alwa’s Legacy is scheduled for December. The packages of The friends of Ringo Ishikawa & Arrest of a stone Buddha (January 28th) and One Step From Eden (February 25th) were both revealed. And end.

Flyhigh Express 2020.10
Picontier Steam Early Access Teaser
VOEZ Ver. 1.10 Update Song Introduction Trailer
DEEMO Ver. 1.7 Update Trailer
Phoenotopia Introduction Video 1
Hidden Through Time Introduction Video
Akita Oga Mystery Annai: Kogoeru Ginreika Introduction Video (Short Ver.)
Super MetBoy! Teaser Video
Alwa’s Legacy Introduction Video