Arcade Archives Soccer

Arcade Archives Soccer Dated

Hamster will be publishing the 1985 Nintendo arcade Soccer game on the Switch eShop this week (October 23rd) priced at ¥838/$7.99.

Arcade Archives Soccer

Nintendo’s 1985 arcade game Soccer was the first football game to adopt a side-view that is now popular in series such as FIFA and Winning Eleven and is considered to be the father of all soccer games! It has been ported to various Nintendo platforms, including the Famicom, and features a six-a-side version of football with players pressing a moving arrow to shoot, either in single player against the CPU, or take on friends and family in 2-player mode.

Arcade Archives

Soccer marks the 119th game in the Arcade Archives series released on Nintendo Switch. Check out the full list of titles currently available, which includes 108 ACA NEOGEO games, over on our Switch page. The full list of upcoming Arcade Archives titles confirmed for release on Nintendo Switch can be found on page 2 of our Schedule page.