Magical Fantasista Coming to Switch

G-mode have announced the JRPG Magical Fantasista for Nintendo Switch as the latest game in the G-MODE Archives series.

Magical Fantasista is the first title in the RPG series that sees players as Holin, a college student in magic who goes on an adventurous journey in a magical world on order to become a “Fantasista”. Holin must travel to the Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, and the Sun, and clear the randomly generated dungeon and its boss at each location. A DSiWare version is also available in Japan. G-MODE Archive Series 20 Magical Fantasista releases for Nintendo Switch in Japan on Thursday, October 15, 2020, priced at ¥500, and has been given a CERO A rating (suitable for all ages).

G-MODE Archive Series 20 Magical Fantasista Introduction Video

G-MODE Archives consists of past G-mode smartphone titles ported over to Nintendo Switch. Magical Fantasista will mark the 20th title in the series. Read about titles 01-04 (Flyhight Cloudia, Ai to Roudou no Hibi, KururinCafe, and Beach Volleyball Girl Shizuku) here, 05 (Sukebooo Man) here, 06 (Shijou Saikyou Miyamoto Julia) here, 07-09 (Love Love Knuckle, Pucchin Puzzle, and Flyhight Cloudia 2) here, 10-11 (Omatsuri Dukushi and Senbazuru) here, 12-13 (Night Hike and Haishin Yotei) here, 14 (Mystia) here, 15 (Churashima Kurashi) here), 16 (Beach Volley Girl Shizuku 2) here, 17 (Flyhight Cloudia 3) here, 18 (Yuusha ShisuDirector’s Cut) here, and 19 (Magical Drop DX) here.