Dragalia Digest

2nd Anniversary Dragalia Digest

Nintendo and Cygames have just published a new Dragalia Digest video on the 2nd Anniversary of the Dragalia Lost smartphone game.

Dragalia Lost

Notte delivers the latest information for the action RPG Dragalia Lost to players, such as the announcement of the game’s second anniversary, which starts on September 27. The Version 2.0 update is also now live, adding the new The Alberian Battle Royale mode where 16 players can deck it out, and much more. Please note that the timestamps below are from the English language Dragalia Digest video (available here).

0:38 – Gala Dragalia
1:56 – Notte’s message on 2nd anniversary bonuses, events and rewards
5:22 – Experience Alberia from 1,000 years ago
8:27 – Version 2.0 enhancements
12:08 – Manacaster, a new weapon type
12:53 – High-Difficulty Content
13:39 – New Mode, The Alberian Battle Royale
14:28 – How to play Dragalia Lost in Version 2.0
16:30 – The epic story continues in Ch 16 to Ch 18
17:59 – Message from the Director on Version 2.0 details
19:16 – Director details on visual updates
19:42 – Director details on updated weapon system
21:27 – Director details on updated wyrmprint sytsem
22:37 – Director details on game difficulty changes for solo and co-op
23:39 – Director details on Manacaster
24:19 – Director details on The Alberian Battle Royale
27:57 – Future updates beyond Version 2.0

Dragalia Lost – 2nd Anniversary Dragalia Digest