Nintendo Apply For INK YOU UP Trademark

Nintendo Co., Ltd. have applied for an INK YOU UP trademark (商願2020-105258) in Japan for their new range of Splatoon merchandise.

The INK YOU UP trademark application is listed using 11 categories including “Clothing”, “Toys”, and “Furniture”, and also for 253 product services including many related to merchandising and also some incorporating a “home video game program”.

Merchandise available in the INK YOU UP collection include several clothing and accessory items including hoodies, T-shirts, pouches, sandals, shorts, socks, flip flops, towels, note pads, pens, and much more, which you can find detailed at this post.

The filing date of the trademark was made on August 25, 2020, with the application published today in Japan (September 8, 2020). This is the second Nintendo trademark posted this month with the previous being for Pi!car! (full details available here).

Check back for the actual application once it’s been uploaded in a day or so. Edit: and added!