3 Things to Remember When You Meet Pikmin

A “three things to remember when you meet Pikmin” for when playing the upcoming Pikmin 3 Deluxe game for Nintendo Switch…

1. Pikmin are your buddies

PNF-404 is a rich planet full of nature, and also where the small and mysterious creatures “Pikmin” live. Pikmin are small but reliable creatures and they are also your “buddies”! The Pikmin will help you when you throw them in your adventure, including by collecting necessary items, building bridges, breaking obstacles that block roads, and more!

2. Pikmin are reliable bodyguards

Pikmin are also a reliable “bodyguards”. If you’re unlucky enough to be attacked in the middle of your adventure, the Pikmin will protect you. Individually, the Pikmin are weak, but collectively they are a force when they work together to bravely battle ferocious creatures. However, they may be eaten by the enemy, so the Pikmin’s lives depend on you!

3. Pikmin have various personalities

There are various types of Pikmin, and each type of Pikmin have a different personality. Red Pikmin are strong against fire and have great offensive power, Blue Pikmin do not drown in water, Yellow Pikmin are also electric, Rock Pikmin have a hard body and can destroy various things, and Winged Pikmin can fly and carry items, so use them wisely!

3 things to remember when you meet Pikmin  [Pikmin3 Deluxe]

Pikmin 3 Deluxe releases for Nintendo Switch on October 30, priced at ¥6,578. The official website is also now open at this link.