Derby Stallion Announced

Game Addict have announced Derby Stallion for Nintendo Switch release this Winter in Japan. More details and promo video added below…

A completely new work in the horse racing and breeding simulation serie,s Derby Stallion will be released this Winter for Nintendo Switch, in a game exclusive to the system. This marks the first console release in the series since Derby Stallion Gold released in late 2014 on Nintendo 3DS in Japan. The series debuted in 1991 on the Family Computer and has since spawned 20 sequels between the original release and this latest Switch version.

The Switch version adds live commentary for the very first time in the series history along with up to date JRA data as of this racing year. Derby Stallion is aimed at series veterans as well as beginners with a horse racing dictionary and a horse racing channel that gives the player tips for raising a strong horse. Players start from a small ranch with only 20 million yen and one breeding mare, with any prize money earned from the races used to create a stronger horse.

Derby Stallion [Nintendo Direct mini Partner Showcase 2020.8]