Animal Crossing: New Horizons Lottery

Bandai Spirits have revealed the full line-up for the Ichiban KUJI Animal Crossing Lottery which now begins on August 15 in Japan…

After multiple postponements due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Ichiban KUJI Animal Crossing Lottery finally begins on August 15 at 7-Eleven, Ito-Yokado, and Nintendo TOKYO stores, and priced at ¥650 per entry. Prizes include tissue cases, leisure rugs, cool bags, pouches, stackable mugs, design towel, and more. Check out the full list below…

Prize A: Timmy & Tommy Tissue Case

Timmy and Tommy will give you a tissue anytime, anywhere in this slim type tissue case.

Prize B: Large Leisure Rug

This large size rug (150cm) can also be used as a towel. It comes with rug belt that can be rolled up and stored.

Prize C: Little Cool Bag

It can be used as a daily lunch bag or as an eco bag for small shopping and can holdup to four 500ml plastic bottles.

Prize D: Clear Bottle

A bottle that is the right size for everyday use – either for gym time or when doing a little shopping.

Prize E: Clear Pouch with Slider

There are two sizes to choose from and four designs in total – perfect for storing makeup and accessories.

Prize F: Stacked Mugs

There are three plastic mugs in total, perfect for stacking, and convenient to carry.

Prize G: Design Towels

There are six designs to collect with the towels coming in small (25cm) and large (100cm) sizes.

Last One Prize: Mini Table

The Last One Prize is for customers who have drawn the last lottery at the store. This mini table can be folded and features many residents from New Horizons!

Double Chance Campaign: Large Leisure Bag

This Double Chance Campaign is for a large-capacity bag that can hold the leisure rug and mini table!

Lottery Tickets

The Animal Crossing Lottery tickets each feature a cute animal from the video game series!

Ichiban KUJI Animal Crossing Lottery Product Introduction Video