Player's Choice: Power-Up Party

Player’s Choice: Power-Up Party

A new Ninji Speedrun has begun in Super Mario Maker 2 with Player’s Choice: Power-Up Party where you pick from one of four items…

Super Mario Maker 2

To celebrate the 10th Ninji Speedruns course, a power-up party has been prepared for Super Mario Maker 2! Pick from one of the four available items, and get moving. You can switch power-ups as you go, opening up multiple strategies and routes to the goal! Also, if you have cleared all 10 courses delivered so far, you can get a set of Ninji’s clothes! You can still collect stamps for your stamp card even for courses where the event period has ended where you can earn an outfit for your Mii. Player’s Choice: Power-Up Party runs until 02:00 UTC on Wednesday, August 12. The 11th Ninji Speedrun is also set to begin on Wednesday, August 26th. Read about the game’s recent Ver. 3.0.1 update at this post.