Play Obakeidoro! For Free

The hide-and-seek action game Obakeidoro! will be free to play for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers in Japan from August 10 to 16.


The asymmetric action game Obakeidoro! will be free to play for a limited time in the new “Issei trial”  event, exclusive for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers. The applicable period is from 12:00 JST on Monday, August 10 until 18:00 JST on Sunday, August 16. Save data can be carried over to the full game which will also be on sale (see below). Persons with a 7-day free trial Nintendo Switch Online membership can also enjoy the benefits of experiencing Obakeidoro! for free with the trial tickets available for 0 Platinum Points (normally 100 points) at My Nintendo until Monday, August 24.

Obakeidoro! Festival

Furthermore, the full game will be available at a discounted price from the start of the trial period on 12:00 JST on Monday, August 10 right thru to 23:59 JST on Sunday, August 23, where it will be available at 30% off (reduced from ¥1,980 to ¥1,380). Obakeidoro! is a game of cat and mouse where three Humans face off against one Monster where you can either choose Human or Monster and become the hunter or the hunted! The “Obakeidoro! Festival” also returns from August 13 until September 2 adding in exclusive characters and maps. Find out how to play Japanese Switch games at this page.

Obakeidoro! [Nintendo Switch Online Issei trial]