Dokapon UP!Mugen no Roulette

Dokapon × Utawarerumono Game Announced

Aquaplus have announced Dokapon UP!Mugen no Roulette for Switch and PS4 release this December combining Dokapon and Utawarerumono…

Dokapon UP!Mugen no Roulette (ドカポンUP! 夢幻のルーレット, which literally translates to “Dokapon UP! Dream Roulette”) is a collaboration title between the sugoroku type board game and RPG series Dokapon and the adult tactical role-playing visual novel game series Utawarerumono. Dokapon UP is developed by Sting, and is scheduled to release for both Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 on December 10, priced at ¥6,380 for physical (box art here), ¥5,500 for digital, or ¥9,130 for a limited edition (pictured here) coming with game, artbook, keychain, and soundtrack.

Dokapon UP! Mugen no Roulette is set in the world of Utawarerumono, featuring the game’s characters Haku, Kuon, Hakuowlo, Erurū, plus several others. The main story will be fully voiced with the game also set to feature online battles for up to four players. More information will be in this week’s Weekly Famitsu magazine (Issue No.1564) which will be available on August 6 in Japan (5th in the west). Purchase a physical copy of the magazine at this link, the standard version of the game at this link, the limited edition at this link, and check out the teaser scan here.

Dokapon UP!Mugen no Roulette promo movie
Dokapon UP!Mugen no Roulette opening movie

Information, screenshot, and scan thanks to the Famitsu website. Check out the updated Schedule page which is updated multiple times daily, adding in every Nintendo Switch game announced for Japan, including many not posted to the front page of this website.