Mario Tennis Aces Adds Koopa Troopas

The August Participation Bonus in the Mario Tennis Aces August Online Tournament include coloured Koopa Troopas and Koopa Paratroopas…

As well as the Blue Koopa Troopa, Red Koopa Troopa, Blue Koopa Paratroopa, and Green Koopa Paratroopa, Mario Tennis Aces also sees the return of The Co-op Challenge: Yoshi’s Ring Shot with the Goal-Clear Bonus for August being Blue Yoshi, Red Yoshi, and Yellow Yoshi). All featured characters are returning rewards from previous months. Screenshots for all characters added below…

Blue Koopa Troopa
Red Koopa Troopa
Blue Koopa Paratroopa
Green Koopa Paratroopa
Blue Yoshi
Red Yoshi
Yellow Yoshi

Mario Tennis Aces released worldwide for Nintendo Switch on June 22, 2018. You can still purchase the packaged version along with an assortment of tennis accessories at this link.

Last month’s Mario Tennis Aces Online Tournament rewards included the Wario Tennis Outfit and Waluigi Tennis Outfit, and Orange, Light-Blue, and Pink coloured Shy Guys, all pictured at this post.

The Blue, Red, and Yellow Yoshi images are thanks to the Mario Wiki website.