Dr. Mario World Adds 8-Bit Dr. Mario

Nintendo and LINE have given the new character 8-Bit Dr. Mario to all players of the Dr. Mario World game as a gift!

8-Bit Dr. Mario

A special event celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Dr. Mario series has started in Dr. Mario World and runs until August 6, with 8-Bit Dr. Mario being given to all players as a gift! There’s also an event where you can get 8-Bit Dr. Mario from August 6~31. The anniversary event also includes daily featured staffing where different popular doctors get boosted staffing rates each day, the number of times you can play the Daily Booster will be doubled, the wait time until the next doctor’s orders will be cut in half, and a Heart (30 minutes of infinite play) will be sent to your doc box each day!

8-Bit Dr. Mario

There are now 37 doctors available to play as in the Dr. Mario World game with Dr. Mario, Dr. Bowser, Dr. Peach, Dr. Luigi, Dr. Yoshi, Dr. Toad, Dr. Toadette, Dr. Bowser Jr., Dr. Ludwig, Dr. Wendy, Dr. Waluigi, Dr. Wario, Dr. Daisy, Dr. Baby Mario, Dr. Baby Luigi, Dr. Baby Peach, Dr. Baby Daisy, Dr. Rosalina, Dr. Luma, Dr. Donkey Kong, Dr. Diddy Kong, Dr. Rosalina, Dr. Kamek, Dr. Dry Bowser, Dr. Fire Mario, Dr. Fire Peach, Dr. Roy, Dr. Larry, Dr. Fire Luigi, Dr. Fire Rosalina, Dr. Nabbit, Dr. Lakitu, Dr. Goomba Tower, Dr. Koopa Troopa, Dr. Dolphin, Dr. Baby Wario, and 8-Bit Dr. Mario.

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